Solid Waste Management Project in the southern West Bank - study evaluated the impact of environmental and social |
Solid Waste Management Project in the southern West Bank - study evaluated the impact of environmental and social


The landfill currently near Yatta, which serves most of the local bodies in the southern West Bank, creating serious environmental problems as a result of gases and fumes in addition to the main problem of not lining and not to address the leachate generated, which constitutes a threat to water sources, knowing that he went to use it about ( 15) years.The problem is compounded by the

presence of a large number of scavengers, which creates environmental problem as well as a social problem.That all requires us to close this landfill with the introduction of a new sanitary landfill which takes into account all environmental matters and social.This study is looking in depth all aspects of environmental and social impact of the establishment of a new sanitary landfill se

rves the area south of the West Bank on it.The previous studies, which found two sites they considered the best in physical and economic from a wide range of sites and two sites in north-east of Seir (Minya, a number (12)), as was pointed out to him in previous studies and the other is located east of Tekoa and holds (13) and arrange them is by preference.The study of Environmental Impact Assessment and Social showed that the site number (12) appropriate in terms of environmental, social, and that adverse effects are minima


l in social terms, as the site is surrounded on his part, areas of the hills and there by the residents and the wind direction is contrary to the existence of regions residential, have been examined soil at the site has been tested aspects of the geological, hydrological, and have found that the top layer of soil is made up of about (40%) of mud, and the remaining part is composed of a layer of rock and most of them are protected from Allamiston. And that the depth of the water beyond the South (200) meters.The study recommends the establishment of the landfill at the site in question under the circumstances and strict conditions to ensure isolation and save juice significantly. This requires more testing of soil washed away, and after drilling and the settlement of the site. And that any gaps or cracks must be taken into account in terms of the lining and isolate appropriately. The existence of clay layer at the site reduces the cost of construction by the use of this class, the study recommends using a double layer of insulation made from HDPE with a thickness of not less than (1.5) mm and the use of a layer or two layers of lining composed of natural clay.The use of pond liquor exposed considered to be the impact of negative environmental to some extent as a result of odors generated as well as insects and mosquitoes generated

, in addition to the possibility of contamination of wild birds, so the study recommends the adoption of a closed system of juice with no development of monitoring wells, but simply pipes control leakage every three layers where the study does not recommend the work of the monitoring wells after the result of groundwater from the surface of the earth.The implementation of the project requires greater attention and awareness of the importance of recycling and recovery of useful elements and this can be in a landfill or transfer stations. This requires a comprehensive awareness campaign to start walking in parallel with the implementation of the project on the ground.The study also reco

mmends that the closure of all landfills and other random adult (17) garbage scattered in the South to begin Balmekpat which can be closed without the impact of note that the closure of all landfills is expensive and in need of funding.Conclusions and Recommendations:Introduction:This paragraph summarizes the environmental impacts, whether negative or positive for the project which is based on information available at the moment. And that some of the recommendations formulated based on further studies and information


to complete the environmental assessment is required.Figure describe the environmental impact of its impact1. Contamination of water sources of emissions and leakage wringer moderate2. Loss of jobs and workers in the moderate current landfills3. Reduction in the value of public property, a moderate4. Risk of explosion or emission of landfill gases moderate5. Emission of odors dai


ly activities result in a moderate landfill6. Emission of dust as a result the movement of vehicles and to cover waste moderate7. Emission of dust as a result of landfill construction in mild8. Noise-winning account of the construction landfill moderate9. Result of noise-winning daily business, especially for nearby communities mild10. Disturbances in traffic on the roads leading to the landfill moderate11. Loss of aesthetic and amenities scene during the making of a moderate landfill12. Scattering of waste as a result a moderate windAs is clear, the impact of landfill on the environmental elements mentioned is mostly moderate, noting that it is impossible to completely cancel the negative effec


ts, but can reduce and mitigate their impact. Each of these effects are detailed in the mitigation plan, which is part of the study design of the site.The impact of these elements can be reduced significantly through the design of the landfill during the process of health and good operating the landfill so that these elements acceptable to all.The following comments on each of these elements:1 - The design of the site takes into account the largely subject bile leakage and its impact on the contamination of water sources has been developed so


that a very high standard to prevent leakage.2 - The existence of the new landfill will organize the process and the presence of scavengers, employment and due to the fact that the landfill area includes the south, it enhances the organization of this sector.3 - The good and orderly operation of the landfill as well as the role of public relations and dramatically reduces the impact of easing the


value of public property.4 - The good design of the landfill so that the slots are placed ventilation and control of gas and significantly reduce the risk of explosive gases in the landfill.5 - The choice of location, design and significantly reduces the impact of emissions Alroaúj6 - The design and good operation of the landfill and dramatically r


educes the impact of odors, dust and noise output.7 - Reducing waste and littering can occur as a result of good operating cells are placed so that a small operation with an external mesh for protection.The communities near the landfill is quickly feel the impact of these elements, and so in order to be informed on all matters must be an awareness campaign and wide for


them to become part of the project and therefore the most important benefits:1 - and to explain thoroughly the effects of design and operation of the landfill and the positive, which helps greatly on the correct practices to reduce the emission of odors, gases and smoke in the event of uncontrolled disposal.2 - to assist in community involvement in the stages of mitigating


negative impacts.3 - to support the relationship between society and the management of the landfill and thus obtain the optimal relationship.It must also not forget the role of the Environmental Quality Authority, with an emphasis on the need for technical support when needed in the follow-up and monitoring of proposed mitigation plan. As well as training and capacity building of local bodies and employees contribute and in Kperfi design and implementation of effective mitig


ation plan verify satisfaction of all.Recommendations:A - possible to create a landfill on the site (12) under the following conditions:1 - The design of the insulation layers must be re-designed to include the development of several layers so as to ensure optimal safety factors in the worst conditions such as earthquakes or falling in the floor.2 - design of leachate po


nd correctly to include measuring the level of evaporation next to the water level and this ensures early detection of any malfunction.3 - The method of leachate treatment must take into account the extreme case (winter) so that it is proposed to add additional methods of treatment such as aerobic - anaerobic ponds and wetlands.4 - because of the fact that the juices exposed must take the impact of mosquitoes and birds in the transfer of disease into account.5 - because of the fact that the level of the water surface is relatively long, the


study recommends not to place monitoring wells and pipelines but also for the early detection of the leak location and shows the level of leakage.B - need to activate the waste recycling and recovery of useful elem


ents with the possibility of involving the private sector to do so.C - the design does not allow reuse of methane gas.D - to find alternative employment for Nbashin taking into account the social circumstances.For more details click here

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