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    A Message from the Mayor of Hebron |
    A Message from the Mayor of Hebron
    Hebron is known as the city of the patriarchs and famous for its historical tie to the Prophet Abraham. Situated in the heartland of Palestine, encircled by mountains as high as 1000 meters above sea level, Hebron has a moderate climate throughout the year. The city has a deep heritage that can be traced back to the Canaanites, who settled here over 6,000 years ago due to the fertility of the earth from whose bounty they prospered.
    Due to its importance and strategic location, the city has suffered throughout history from many wars at the hands of the greedy invaders. The latest war has been with the Israeli occupier, who occupied the city in the last third of the twentieth century. It has implanted settlements within the Old city and coerced the division of Al-Ibrahimi Masque into two parts. Moreover the Israelis surrounded the city by a fence of settlements and the apartheid wall. It has been trying to eradicate its neighboring Arab-Islamic identity through many massacres, daily violations, tightening the siege and targeting the citizens and the environment of Hebron through violent measures.
    Despite the ferocity of the Israeli operation, all the ambitions of the occupiers have been obliterated with the determination and tenacity of Hebron’s citizens to persevere. The children are known for their love and playfulness despite living under Occupation and daily struggle. Citizens work in the city of Hebron and participate in the social, political and economic activities that the elected municipal council introduces. The council has set its mind to heal the wounds of the city and move towards further prosperity and progress of people’s lives. The city is characterized by its tolerant Islamic religious belief, moral values and commercial importance.
    Since 1996, the city has witnessed several dramatic developments after the numerous decades of continuous Israeli occupation. Due to the Oslo agreement and the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority, the city was liberated and able to embrace a form of security and calm environment. These agreements allowed the Municipal Council to develop a comprehensive management development plan, accompanied by a strategic plan, for the reception of the twenty-first century. Indeed, the Hebron Municipality office, through its own efforts and the support of many friends and partners from around the world implemented a multitude of infrastructure projects, which has had a major impact in promoting domestic and foreign investments in the city. Additionally, it is crucial to achieving the revitalization of the boom in the economic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and urban life.
    We, as a municipal council, chosen by the people of the city, must provide all services, hold the Secretariat and the flag for local development and gain prosperity for the city of Hebron. Given the sacrifices of the citizens of Hebron and their steadfast and strong attitudes against the onslaught of frenzied settlements, we are determined to provide the best services for our people. Through the unity of cooperation between the citizens and the municipal council, we will protect our holy places, our traditions and history if there are any attempts to undermine it.
    The coming years will be a milestone in the development of the various sectors of the city, the needs of its people and the collective goal to achieve the best services.
    God is the source of strength.
    May God bless you all.
    Hebron Mayor
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