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    Al-Rameh Site

    Al Rameh is one of the oldest historical and important sites in the city of Hebron, which historians believe it is the Canaanite’s village, (Terbentes). As excavations indicated the presence of traces back to the period of the Prophet Abraham (peace is upon him) and other different eras, moreover, the stones on the site resemble to the stones that used in the construction of (Heer) in the Ibrahimi Mosque and believed that this is the place where Abraham lived.

    The Site of Al Rameh has become the most important commercial centers in the Roman era, especially after the destruction of the site of Tel Rumeida, It was built in it one of the most important churches in Palestine during the reign of the Great  Constantine after the visiting of his mother St. Helena to Palestine.
    Excavations indicate that the south wall of the church was 64 m long and 50 m west. The site also features a well built from stone, some parts of it are still present, and near small stone basins were used for watering animals.
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