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    Markets in Hebron |
    Markets in Hebron

    Historically and presently, Hebron has been known as a vital site for commerce on the local and international level. The city is strategically located in the intersection of all Palestinian commercial transportation. It is located on the route that links itself to Gaza, Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine. It is on the regional road that connect Palestine to other countries such as commercial centers in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. From these routes, Hebron is linked to the rest of the region and the globe.

    Hebron markets are characterized by the longitudinal pattern where shops are lined on both sides of the road with different specialized markets. Some of these markets are called:
    1. Al-Gazzazan
    2. Al-Lahamin
    3. Al-Hasrieh
    4. Al-Zayyatin
    5. Al-Gazal
    6. Al-Khawaja
    7. Al-Iskafieh
    8. Al-Attarin
    9. Al-Khan
    There are smaller markets called "khans". A khan is a small place encircling houses and gatherings of families. They are small convenience stores located in local neighborhoods. Some of these family-run khans are:
    1. Al-Shaheen
    2. Al-Wakaleh
    3. Al-Dweik
    4. Al-Khalil
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