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    Department of Information Systems and Technology (IT) |
    Department of Information Systems and Technology (IT)
    The Hebron Municipality office established the computer unit in 1987 as a branch of the Department of Finance. In 2002, it established the unit of GIS which was centrally managed. The unit provided all the Geographic Services but the users and beneficiaries of this system were far from the technology and the development of the system. They were forced to realize soon that due to the many users, the needs of the system and the heavy workload placed on the GIS unit, the system was not working effectively.
    The idea of establishing the Department of Information Systems and Technology (IT) in the Hebron Municipality office and merging the computer unit with the GIS unit solved the problem of efficiency. The merge allowed the statistics and data units that had been developed separately to join together. The Hebron Municipality created a system which was successful in developing methods to obtain information, follow-up scientific and technological developments to improve the overall planning processes and to improve the coordination and communication between the different departments in the Municipality office. By providing a common information base between municipal departments and relevant institutions, services within the municipality boundaries of Hebron became more effectual.
    The objectives of the Department of Information Systems and Technology (IT) include:
    1- The Geographic Information Systems (GIS): drawing units, maps, naming and numbering unit and information entering unit.
    2- The processing unit, auditing and data analysis, quality unit, training and development unit.
    3- To coordinate with the Department of Computer and Maintenance which includes the programming and system development unit, processing unit, data analysis and building applications unit.

    4- Work with the Department of Statistics to create the data management unit and work with the Strategic planning board. 

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