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    An Overview of the Hebron Municipality |
    An Overview of the Hebron Municipality

    Like all other Palestinian cities, the city of Hebron experienced civil autonomy supervised by the Turkish Governor General and then by a local council. In 1880, the Turkish Government appointed a governing committee which came after a succession of heads of committees and municipal councils, who were either appointed or elected.

    The Hebron Municipality is the largest institution in the city of Hebron in terms of operational labor force, number of services offered, and projects carried out. Thus the Municipality is the backbone of development in the city and the engine that keeps it going.

    The Municipality dedicates all its time to its affairs and has the support and unmatched cooperation of civilians, especially now that Dr. Daoud Zatari has become mayor. Zatari and his colleagues, members of the municipal council, the institutions in the city of Hebron, and the various municipalities of the Hebron District are constantly seeking to upgrade public services and respond to the needs of citizens.

    The Hebron Municipality was impacted by the current volatile political circumstances. Despite difficulties, it managed to survive and raise the standard of services. Consequently, the city has recently demonstrated signs of rapid development in public services and infrastructure. There are approximately 1,200 employees who currently work for the municipality.

    The Municipality offers a variety of services, the most important of which are electricity, water, roads, sanitation, the environment and construction. In addition, the Municipality provides services to the industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as cultural and sports services to all sectors of society.

    The Hebron Municipality is proud of its achievements and is looking forward to continued progress. It remains a major catalyst in making the city of Hebron a developed and thriving city.

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