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    Department of Buildings

    The Department of Building is one of the most important activities carried out by the Hebron Municipality office because they provide activity licenses for buildings to be constructed. In general, the work of the department directly impacts the city and its citizens in the urban, economic, environmental, cultural and political aspects. It is considered a tributary task that provides cash flow for the Hebron Municipality office. The work of the department represents a quarter of the revenue from the total revenue of the Municipality office when excluding revenues from the water and electricity departments.

    The objectives of the department are:
    1-To maintain the organizational aspects of the city, to ensure compliance schemes and preset structural renovations and to keep the divisions approved to residential areas, commercial and industrial areas, agricultural and green areas, as well as areas of expansion potential to the city s.
    2-To preserve the architectural aspects of Hebron and the architectural style of neighborhoods and streets so that the buildings are constructed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
    3- To grant environmental safety is perhaps the most important goal of the Buildings department. The safety of the environment is preserved through the separation of industrial areas and residential areas. The assessment of the legal repercussions and monitoring the construction rates in residential, commercial and industrial areas is important for environmental safety as well.
    4- To create a structural plan for the main and secondary streets, the established and proposed preservation and sanctity of buildings and importance of public safety of the citizens actively contribute to achieving road safety and reduced traffic accidents.
    5- To maintain the economic aspects of the building codes and regulations which do not allow the waste of economic resources. Through the establishment of several old buildings at random and set up in a manner contrary to the planning and building conditions, they are prone to be removed and replaced with a new building.
    6- To be aware of the political aspects that affects the completion of the city’s structural plan and identified areas for expansion and expansion of Hebron Municipality boundaries. Often these projects lead to confrontation with Israeli settlement and expansionist ambitions. The area that surrounded the city is still threatened by more settlement expansion.
    7- To maintain the cultural aspects, the architectural style and aesthetics as well as to maintain the architectural style and historic core. It is important to be aware of the business activity of buildings that have a direct impact on the culture and promote the city and its civilization.
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