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    Abu Sneineh briefs a multinational delegation on the old city of Hebron suffering |
    Abu Sneineh briefs a multinational delegation on the old city of Hebron suffering

    Hebron Mayor ,Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh briefed on Thursday a multi-national delegation on the current status of the city of Hebron and on the suffering of its residents as a result of the settlers  presence in its heart, saying that the city of Hebron, which is the second oldest historical city in the world and the biggest on the Palestinian level, had been chosen as a city of hand craft in 2016, and it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List which is under threat, highlighting the additional burdens which was added to the municipality caused by the closure of several major streets and more than 2,500 shops, stressing that the Palestinian people have the right to live like the rest of the world and to exercise their natural lives freely without restrictions on mobility, education and movement.

    This came during the delegation's visit to the town hall, and in the presence of a number of members of the municipal council. From her part, the head of the delegation "Iman" expressed her pleasure in visiting the city of Hebron for its religious and historical significance, explaining that the delegation included representatives of several European countries including France, Spain, Russia, Germany and Poland, In addition to an American delegation, accompanied by a group of Palestinian expatriate and a number of  youth living in Palestine, she also referred to the national goals  of organizing this visit, which are centred on conveying a message to the whole world that Palestine is for its nation, and also for participating in the events of Ishtar Festival.


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