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    Ambassador of Palestine to Turkey Receives Mayor of Hebron in Ankara |
    Publish date: 2017/10/21

    Ambassador of Palestine to Turkey Receives Mayor of Hebron in Ankara

    Dr. Faed Mustafa, the Palestinian Ambassador to Turkey, received the Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, at the Headquarter of the Palestinian Embassy in Ankara, to discuss about the opportunities of joint cooperation between Hebron and different cities in Turkey, and about the situation of Hebron City.

    Dr. Mustafa welcomed the visiting delegation, and highlighted the role of the Palestinian Embassy in Turkey at all levels, and underlined the necessity of supporting Hebron city in different aspects.     

    Mr. Abu Sneineh thanked the Ambassador for the warm reception and hospitality,  and put light on the suffering of Hebron city, as a result of the Israeli arbitrary measures against the innocent civilians, particularly who live in the southern area of the city, and in areas adjacent to Israeli settlements.

    He then spoke about the recent Israeli military illegal order to establish what is calling "a Hebron's settlers' affairs council" in the heart of Hebron city ,and described it as a grave violation of Hebron Protocol signed in 1997. Moreover, he called the Ambassador to brief the Turkish institutions about Hebron's situation and its citizens' suffering.


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