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    Municipalities of Hebron and Beyoglu Sign Cooperation and Twinning Agreement in Istanbul |
    Publish date: 2017/10/30

    Municipalities of Hebron and Beyoglu Sign Cooperation and Twinning Agreement in Istanbul

    Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, and Mr. Ahmet Misbah, Mayor of Beyoglu signed a Twinning and Cooperation Agreement in Beyo?lu Municipality in Istanbul. The purposes of the agreement are to share experiences in the field of Geographic Information System (GIS), to training of  Hebron Municipality fire brigade staff, and to implement development and infrastructure projects that can enhance the citizens' quality of life.

    Mr. Abu Sneineh thanked the Mayor of Beyo?lu  for the warm reception, and expressed his happiness for signing this agreement, and hoped this agreement to come up with vital projects that seek to preserve Hebron city's cultural heritage .

    On the other part, Mr. Misbah expressed his pleasure for the twinning agreement with Hebron Municipality, and underlined that he is readiness to provide development projects to promote the steadfastness of the Palestinians, particularly, the citizens of Hebron. 

    Thereafter, a meeting was held in the attendance of municipalities of Hebron, Beyo?lu- Istanbul, and Mannheim, where they discussed about the opportunity of deepening relation between them, through developing the concept of "Smart Cities" , exchanging delegation, technicians and expertise, implementing vital projects, as well as organizing workshops and exhibitions.  

    Mr. Abu Sneineh was accompanied by Yahia Natsheh, Director of Public Relation and Media, Eng. Jumana Dweik, Head of Business Incubator at Hebron Municipality, Saed Khatib, Director of Korea Palestine Center, and Abdul Raheem Abu Hadeed, the Mayor Secretary.



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