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    Mayor of Hebron Calls Representative of Norway to Support Projects in Hebron |
    Publish date: 2017/11/12

    Mayor of Hebron Calls Representative of Norway to Support Projects in Hebron

    In the meeting with the Representative Office of Norway to the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh called Ms. Hilde Haraldstad , the Representative of Norway, to provide support to many vital projects in the city of Hebron, which are included within the Strategic Development and Investment Plan of Hebron Municipality. This meeting was also attended by members from Hebron municipal council.

    Mr. Abu Snieneh briefed the visiting delegation about the needs of the city of Hebron such improving the infrastructure, rehabilitating main streets, and addressing water shortages.

    Also, He praised the positive stance of Norway in supporting the Palestinian People and Cause, and its affective role in the TIPH. He also assured that Hebron Municipality seeks to sign twinning agreements with municipalities in Norway with a view to promote the relation and to exchange experiences between the two Countries.    

    Moreover, Mayor Abu Sneineh underlined that Hebron Municipality is always supporting the Tourism in the Old City particularly after its inscription on the UNESCO' s World Heritage List and considering it as a World Craft City.

    On the other part, Ms. Haraldstad thanked the Mayor for the warm reception and hospitality. she appreciated the role played by the municipality in enhancing the quality of services provided to the citizens, and promised to discuss the projects applications provided by Hebron municipality. Then, she affirmed that the Norwegian Government endeavors to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians throughout supporting different sectors particularly, Education Sector, Ministry of Justice, Electricity, in which Hebron Municipality get advantage through the HEPCO, also, its support to the observer mission of the TIPH.   


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