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    Parliament Delegation from Canada Visits Hebron's Old City |
    Publish date: 2018/04/06

    Parliament Delegation from Canada Visits Hebron's Old City

    Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, Mayor of Hebron, and Head of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, received a Canadian Delegation consists of eighteen Parliament Members. The visit aimed at getting a view of Hebron's living conditions, and of the Old City suffering. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Nabil Maarouf, Palestinian Ambassador to Canada.

    Mr. Abu Sneineh briefed the delegation about the political situation of Hebron, and the illegal closuring down for the streets and shops in the Old City that affected the economic condition of the city, and obstructed the citizens movement in the city's parts. Also, he spoke about the Israeli settlers' violating practices committed against the innocent civilians, which go in lines with the Israeli Occupation policy to displace the Palestinian away from their lands.   

    Mr. Imad Hamdan, the Director of HRC, spoke in details about the political situation in the heart of Hebron City, and about the achievements of HRC during the passed 22 years, such as restoration of the buildings in the Old city and safeguarding its cultural heritage. Then he extended his appreciation to the Palestinian diplomacy for their efforts to brief the people worldwide about the Palestinian suffering particularly who live in Hebron City.

    Mr. Hamdan then referred to the importance of this visit in promoting the Palestinian steadfastness, and in conveying the Palestinians suffering to the Worldwide, and called upon all Ambassadors to intensify visits to Palestine and to Hebron's Old City.

    while the delegation headed to Al Ibrahimi Mosque, the Israeli Occupation prevented them from entering the mosque, under the pretext of lack prior coordination with the Israelis, so, they left to the Old City's markets and visited the Al Shuhada' Street.     


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