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    Hebron Municipality Took Part in Intermediate Cities Conference in Spain |
    Publish date: 2019/03/11

    Hebron Municipality Took Part in Intermediate Cities Conference in Spain

    Eng. Muheeb Jabari, Hebron Municipal Councilor, took part in the International conference of " Intermediate cities, Key for Development " which is held in Soria -Spain, and organized by the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). This conference was attended by more than 50 representatives of local governments, municipalities, experts, and researchers specializing in housing reconstruction. The conference focused to discuss  mechanisms to confront challenges of developing intermediate cities ( which includes a population of 50 thousands to million) , and to improve the living hood conditions of citizens.      

    During his speech, Eng. Jabari spoke about Hebron City, which the second oldest and historical city in the world. He referred to the Israeli violations in the city, that impeding the daily life of the citizens, and negatively affected on the economic condition. He then added that Hebron is inscribed on the UNESCO's - in danger- list, and adopted as World Craft City.

    Moreover, Eng. Muheeb underlined the importance of promoting cooperation and twinning ties between Hebron and Spanish cities, referring to the twinning agreement with Valencia that purposed at sharing expertise between the two sides. On the sidelines of the conference, Eng. Jabari met with representatives of UCLG, where it was agreed to opting out a representative of Hebron Municipality in UCLG committees. 



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