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    Hebron Mayor discusses the activation of twinning agreement with the French Municipality of Arcueil |
    Publish date: 2019/04/24

    Hebron Mayor discusses the activation of twinning agreement with the French Municipality of Arcueil

    Hebron Mayor, Tayseer Abu Sneineh discussed on Tuesday with the Deputy Mayor of Arcueil    "Ann Marie Giller " the practical mechanisms for activating the 36-year-old twinning agreement between the two municipalities, which resulted in many joint projects, and the exchange of experiences especially in the field of the environment, this came during the meeting held at the Municipality of Hebron, in the presence of the French Deputy Consul General  "Remy Bwaling " and the French handball team, and a number of members of Hebron Municipal Council.

    After welcoming the delegation, Abu Sneineh stressed on the depth of the historical relationship that brings together the two municipalities, appreciating the great role played by the Municipality of Arcueil  in partnership with the Municipality of Hebron in supporting the registration of Hebron on the UNESCO list of World Heritage list of sites in danger. The Mayor also spoke about the conditions of Hebron in general, the violations committed by the occupation and its settlers against the citizens and the heritage, and invited the municipalities of  Arcueil , Belfort and  Sant Beir decor through the Deputy Consul General, to participate in the scientific conference (Recent Trends in Municipal Administration and Improvement of the Quality of their Performance), to be held in the month of July 2019 in Hebron.

    Abu Sneineh pointed to the daily suffering of the Palestinian people, especially the residents of the old City of Hebron as a result of the attacks by the occupation and its settlers, which increased in frequency following the decision of the Israeli occupation government to terminate the International Presence Mission in Hebron (TIPH), indicating the incident of the recent tragic accident in the Old City, in which three innocent children lost their lives due to a blaze as a result of the disruption of the arrival of the Hebron Municipal fire brigade by the occupying forces, which came after the occupation government decision to end the mission of the International Presence Mission.

    Dr. Anwar Abu Eisheh, a member of the Municipal council and the coordinator of the visit, explained the depth of the Palestinian-French relationship, which brings together the two nations and the two leaderships, stating the French role in advocating the Palestinian cause, as well as the twinning and cooperation agreements signed between the Municipality of Hebron and other French municipalities.

    From her side, "Galler " stressed on the solidarity of the Municipality of Arcueil  with the Palestinian cause and the city of Hebron in particular, and the continued work in rejecting the decision to terminate the mission of the international presence (TIPH), expressing her happiness for the great cooperation shown by the Municipality of Hebron and its Mayor through the establishment of mechanisms to activate twinning exchange of experiences for the interest of both parties.



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