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    Hebron Municipality Participates in Culture and Tourism Forum in China |
    Hebron Municipality Participates in Culture and Tourism Forum in China

    Mr. Jawdi Abu Sneineh, Hebron Municipal Councilor, represented Palestine in the Forum of Culture and Tourism between the Chinese and Arab Cities. This forum which was held in Chengdu, China, was in the attendance of Ministers of People's Republic of China, Mayors of Arab cities and the Palestinian Ambassador to China. It was also under  the auspices of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the League of Arab States, as well as the People's Government of Sichuan Province.

    In his speech, Mr. Abu Sneineh spoke about the special religious and historical status of Hebron City, which was recently adopted as a World Craft City by the World Craft Council of UNESCO, given its rich history in traditional crafts. He then put lights on the political situation of the city,  the illegal and violating measures by the  Israeli Occupation against the citizens, particularly who live in the Old city, adding that Hebron's Old City, was inscribed on the UNESCO' World Heritage -in danger- List.

    Mr. Abu Sneineh underlined the deep ties between Palestine and China, and praised the positive stance of China People and Government with those oppressed and justice- craving  people, looking forward to open doors for  further cooperation with Chinese, to establish new culture aims at rejecting injustice and sectarianism.

    On the other side, Mr. Abu Sneineh visited the city of Yiwu and met with the Responsible of External Affairs of Yiwu Municipality, which has a Twinning  Agreement with Hebron City in different fields. Thereafter, He called the municipal councilors of Yiwu and Chinese businessmen to visit Hebron to get a view of its political and economical situations on the ground. Also, an invitation had been extended by Yiwu Municipality to Hebron Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Businessmen Forum to participate in the Trade Fair that will be organized by Yiwu Municipality in the coming May to display Palestinian products.



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