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    Hebron Municipality Initiates Expansion of UNESCO Street |
    Publish date: 2018/10/27

    Hebron Municipality Initiates Expansion of UNESCO Street

    Hebron Municipality initiated to expand the UNESCO Street " Beit Einoun" in the North-Eastern of Hebron. The municipal council of Hebron decided to name the street as UNESCO, after inscribing Hebron's Old City on the UNESCO' World Heritage -in danger- List.

    The Head of Roads Department, Mr. Tareq Shukair, clarified that this street runs from the roundabout of Beit Einoun to the junction of Qizoun with 2000 meters long. He added that the rehabilitation of the street will include establishing water and sewerage system, electricity network, and construction of sidewalks.    

    Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh underlined that the vision of the municipal council, which goes in line with Hebron Strategic Plan, attached great importance to rehabilitate such vital and main streets and pave new roads in Hebron City, to ensure enhancing the living condition of the citizens and alleviating the traffic jam. Then, Mr. Abu Sneineh called the citizens to cooperate and avoid hampered the municipal staff while performing their work.


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