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    Abu Sneineh Briefs Ambassador or Russia to Palestine about Hebron's Situation |
    Publish date: 2017/12/17

    Abu Sneineh Briefs Ambassador or Russia to Palestine about Hebron's Situation

    Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, briefed the Russian Ambassador to Palestinian Authority, Dr. Haider Aghanin, about the critical situation of the city, particularly after the recent decision of the US President, Donald Trump, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which clearly violates the rights of the Palestinian people. Mr. Abu Sneineh, praised the role of the  Russian Republic for their appreciated stances to support the Palestinian and their cause. The meeting was also attended by Members of municipal councilors, representatives of Russian -Palestinian Friendship Society, as well as members of the Palestinian Association of Russian Graduates.  

    Mayor Abu Sneineh then expressed his hope to promoting the Russian- Palestinian Relation through signing twinning agreements between Hebron Municipality and different municipalities in Russia. furthermore, he stressed on the importance of Hebron City, as it is the second oldest city in the world, and spoke about the daily Palestinian  suffering, due to the division of the city into two parts, H1 and H2,  illegal  presence of the settlers in its heart, as well as the Israeli Occupation attempts to displace the local population and to increase settlement activity, adding that the city is in dire need to infrastructure projects to enhance the city's conditions.  

    Dr. Aganin thanked the Mayor of Hebron for the warm reception and hospitality, and spoke about the historical and religious importance of the city. He assured that the embassies' main role is to build ties ,strengthen cooperation, and promote bilateral relations between countries, that will establish a common interest. Also, he expressed readiness to follow up the twinning relation files between the municipality of Hebron and the Russian municipalities.


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