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    Mayor of Hebron Briefed Turkish Delegation About Hebron's Situation |
    Publish date: 2018/01/28

    Mayor of Hebron Briefed Turkish Delegation About Hebron's Situation

    Mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, briefed a delegation comprised of students from a university in Konya, and chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Konya, Mr. Abd Almalek Otegin, about the history and the situations of Hebron.

    After welcoming the delegation, Mr. Abu Sneineh spoke about the obstacles facing the municipality while providing services in the Old city as a result of the Israeli Occupation and the settlers presence in the heart of the city. He noted to the deep ties between the government and people of Palestine and Turkey, praising the role of Konya municipality in supporting Hebron municipality.

    On the other part, Mr. Otgin thanked the Mayor of Hebron for the warm reception and hospitality, and said that this visit aimed at visiting religious sites in Palestine, such as Al Aqsa and AlIbrahimi Mosques. He then assured on the Turkey's President's stance towards recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.  

    Thereafter, the students fielded many questions and queries to the Mayor Abu Sneineh about the city of Hebron, then, they

    toured the Old City and visited Al Ibrahimi Mosque.  


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