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    Hebron Municipality and the TIPH sign Two Cooperation Agreements |
    Publish date: 2018/02/11

    Hebron Municipality and the TIPH sign Two Cooperation Agreements

    Hebron Municipality and Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) signed two cooperation agreements, in the attendance of Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, and Ms. Lteisia Rojet, as well as Mr. Mustafa Musaed from the Social Relation Department of the TIPH. Mr. Mahmoud Abu Sbeih, the Director of  Cultural and Youth Activities, signed the two agreements on behalf of Hebron Municipality, which focusing on promoting Youth initiatives in cooperation with the Municipality's community centers (Sharek and Tareq Bin Ziad).

    Mr. Abu Sneineh extended his thanks to the TIPH Mission chaired by Mr. Einar Johnson, for their positive role in providing services to Hebron City,  and in supporting various vital projects of Hebron Municipality particularly in the Southern Area of the city, which will promote the steadfastness of the  dwellers whom daily facing illegal violations by the Israeli Occupation.

    Also, Mr. Abu Sneineh added that enhancing the services for the citizens in the Old city of Hebron is on the top priority of Hebron municipal council, who aim to protect the Islamic sanctities, and to strengthen the Palestinian presence in Palestine.


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