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    KFW Briefs about Hebron Municipality's New Projects |
    Publish date: 2017/09/23

    KFW Briefs about Hebron Municipality's New Projects

    In the meeting with Mr. Stefan Zeeb, the Director of  KFW Development Bank in the Middle East, and  Mr. Tawfiq Budairi,  the Director of the Municipal  Development and Lending Funds (MDLF), the Mayor of Hebron, Mr.  Tayseer Abu Sneineh discussed about the top priorities projects that will benefit the local community, and put light on the successful joint projects that were recently implemented in the city of Hebron.  

    The Mayor Mr. Abu Sneineh extended his sincere appreciation for the Germany Government and people for their support to the Hebron city and its projects. Also,  he praised the role of  (MDLF) for their continuous support that help in enhancing the living conditions of Hebron's citizens.

    On the other part, Mr. Zeeb thanked the Mayor of Hebron for the warm reception and hospitality, and assured that the KFW is interesting in cooperation with the Municipality of Hebron in order to develop the city and its institutions through supporting vital projects.       

    After the meeting, Mr. Abu Sneineh and the visiting delegation made a field tour at the projects supported by the KFW, and at the proposed projects, that will further be implemented  in cooperation between Hebron and the KFW.


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