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    Hebron Municipality Discusses Opportunity of Funding Projects with UNPD |
    Publish date: 2017/09/25

    Hebron Municipality Discusses Opportunity of Funding Projects with UNPD

     In the meeting with Mr. Reberto Valent, the Special Representative of the Administrator - Program of Assistance to the Palestinian people-  at the UNDP, The Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, discussed the opportunity of supporting infrastructure projects particularly in the sanitation field, in the city of Hebron .

    Mr. Abu Sneineh praised the cooperation between Hebron Municipality and the UNDP, and appreciated their role in supporting vital projects that aims at curbing the unemployment ratio and enhancing the local economic of the city. He also underlined on the necessity of carrying out different vital projects to improve the living condition of the citizens such as, the construction of water reservoirs, and the rehabilitation of the southern entrance of the city "industrial zone".

    Moreover, the Mayor briefed the delegation about the suffering of the citizens who live in H2 area, due to the obstacles imposed by the Israeli Occupation to obstruct providing municipal services, the settlers presence in the Heart of the city as well as the city's division in tow part, H1 and H2.

    Mr. Valent underlined the continuous support by the UNDP to economic empowerment of Hebron,  Youth sector, Infrastructure projects and to the creative ideas that have been embraced in Hebron Municipality's Business Incubator Center.



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