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    Municipalities of Hebron and Valencia Sign on Cooperation Agreement |
    Publish date: 2019/01/21

    Municipalities of Hebron and Valencia Sign on Cooperation Agreement

    Saturday- Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh,  received the  Regional Minister for Cooperation to Development and Migration of Valencia City, Ms. Neus Fabregas Santana, and her accompanied delegation, where they then signed on a cooperation agreement between the cities of Hebron and Valencia, in the attendance of members from Hebron municipal council.

     Mr. Abu Sneineh underlined that Hebron Municipality exerts much efforts to promote the  International Cooperation, with a view to identify the city on the World's map, and to get the benefit from the shared experiences with the World's cities, that contribute to improve the level of services provided to the citizens.

    Moreover, He pointed out to the challenges that face the municipality while delivering services to the residents of H2 Area, which is under the Israeli security control, and added " we are looking forward to have mutual projects in different fields of development, such as Infrastructure, Alternative energy, Transport, ....etc".

    On her part, Ms. Fabregas. expressed happiness to sign such agreement, which is the first of its kind with Hebron City. She said that she is willing to transfer of Valencia Municipality expertise to enable Hebron municipality taking advantages of them. Also, she stressed she sympathized with Palestinians and their just cause, and underlined the right of Palestinians to build their State, end occupation and live in freedom.

    Thereafter,  the delegation were given a tour to Hebron's Old city and al Ibrahimi mosque, where the Mayor of Hebron briefed them closely about the illegal barriers put by the Isareli Occupation, and Alshuhada' Street which is closed for over twenty years.


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