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    Abu Sneineh Briefs Indonesian Ambassador about Israeli Violations in Hebron |
    Publish date: 2019/03/11

    Abu Sneineh Briefs Indonesian Ambassador about Israeli Violations in Hebron

    Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, briefed the Indonesian Ambassador to Palestine, Mr. Andy Rachmianto, about the condition of Hebron, and the last decision of the Israeli Occupation to terminate the TIPH's mission mandate. the meeting was in the attendance of municipal councilor members, and Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry members.

    Mr. Abu Sneineh welcomed the delegation, and gave a detailed presentation about the city situation, particularly after the grave decision against the TIPH, which was used to documenting all Israeli violations and practices, and was the witness to the occupation and Israeli Settlers actions and crimes in Hebron. 

    Abu Sneineh added that the citizens who live in the Old City of Hebron, couldn't afford to send their children to schools closed the military checkpoints, and adjacent to Israeli Settlements, fearing of the settlers' illegal attacks in the absence of the TIPH, which led to close many schools.

    Moreover, Mr. Abu Sneineh stressed the fruitful cooperation between Hebron and different Indonesian institutions. He then paid tribute to the Indonesian Government for their support to construct and rehabilitation center in Jroun Jarad, in the Southern area of the city. Thereafter, He extended appreciation to the Ambassador for his precious role in corporation with the donors of the project. 

    Mr. Rachmianto expressed happiness for his visit to Hebron. He noted that the Indonesian Government has become a member in the Security Council, so they submitted objections to the Israeli decision to end the TIPH's mission. Also, He assured that he will convey the reality of what's going on the ground to all Freedom-loving people and anybody with a conscious, to exert pressure on the Israeli Occupation to stop using illegal force against Palestinians and to reverse its last decision regarding the TIPH.   

    " This visit was to get a first-hand view of the situation in Palestine in general, and to celebrate of 30 years of the Indonesian-Palestinian relationship", Mr. Rachmianto added.





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