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    Hebron Municipality Organizes Protest Regarding TIPH Termination of Mandate |
    Publish date: 2019/03/12

    Hebron Municipality Organizes Protest Regarding TIPH Termination of Mandate

    Hebron Municipality organized a protest as a result of the termination the TIPH mandate. The protest was held in front of the mission headquarter in Daheit Rameh, and was in the attendance of Mayor of Hebron, Mr. Tayseer Abu Sneineh, the municipal councilors, employees from the municipality, and other representatives from local community institutions.

    Mr. Abu Sneineh underlined that the Israeli Occupation's decision to end the mandate of TIPH is a grave breach of all international treaties and laws, particularly the UN security council resolution (904), which was issued as a result of Al Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre in 1994, that took lives of 29 worshipers  and more than 150 wounded. He then stressed that the absence of the international observers  warns of new massacres ,by the Israeli Occupation and settlers, that will be committed against the innocent civilians who live in areas adjacent to the illegal settlements.

    Moreover, Mr. Abu Sneineh called the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli Occupation to adhere to the international treaties, and  to reverse its decision.


    on the other part, Mr. Jibreen Al Bakri, Hebron Governor, extended appreciation of Hebron Municipality for organizing the protest, and called the citizens to enhance their presence in the Old city and in Al Ibrahimi mosque. He also praised the protection committees which have been recently established of the citizens to stop settler attacks.  

    On behalf of Fatah Movement (Hebron Center branch), Mr. Muhannad Jabari assured the importance of the mission, which documented more than 42 thousands violations, and called the international community to assume their responsibilities with regard to the protection of the Palestinians.   

    Thereafter, Mr. Mohammad Nafez Herbawi referred that this decision violates all international laws, and the Israeli Occupation still flout all conventions of the UNESCO, with a view to increase the settlement activity in the old city of Hebron. He demand the International community to provide protection forces to protect the Palestinian people in all places.  









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