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    Abu Sneineh briefs UN Human Rights Commission on the merits of the Rajabi family tragedy |
    Publish date: 2019/03/13

    Abu Sneineh briefs UN Human Rights Commission on the merits of the Rajabi family tragedy

    Mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, briefed a delegation from the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights on the merits of Al-Rajabi family tragedy. During his meeting with Human Rights officer Cecilia Ghad and her assistant Monther al-Adhami in the Municipality, in the presence of members of the municipal council and Municipality Fire Brigade officers.

    Abu Sneineh explained the reality of the suffering that the Palestinian citizens live as a result of settler attacks and the violations of the occupation authorities on the checkpoint and the continuous closures of the heart of the city, citing the various violations of occupation in the old city and areas adjacent to the settlements which are built on the Palestinian lands.

    Abu Sneineh added that the recent tragic incident in the Old City, in which three innocent children had been burnt as a result of the disruption of the arrival of the Hebron Municipal fire brigade by the occupying forces, came after the Israeli occupation government termination of the International Presence Mission (TIPH) in Hebron, pointing out that this wasn’t the first time that the occupation impedes the work of the humanitarian teams, expressing fear of further massacres, since there is no international body monitoring these violations and attacks and exposing the practices of the occupation and its settlers to the world, calling for the immediate international protection of citizens, especially in the H2 region which is under the Israeli security control.

    From her side, Ghad expressed her willingness to help in documenting this painful incident, and to do what is necessary to explore the possibility of facilitating the procedures concerning humanitarian crews and ensuring freedom of movement and mobility for them unconditionally.



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