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    Strategic Document (vision, mission and values) |
    Strategic Document (vision, mission and values)

    A. Vision


    We work together with the participation of citizens to build and develop an economically thriving city, where quality of life is a common commodity for all, based on modern infrastructure and advanced administration, while at the same time taking into consideration the preservation of the cultural heritage of the city of Hebron. Our ultimate goal is to become one of the most distinguished cities in the Arab world.


    B. Mission


    We aim to build and administer the basic structure and public facilities, and provide citizens with municipal services, smoothly and transparently, while preserving the heritage and cultural wealth of the city of Hebron. The municipality strives to keep the city of Hebron a distinguished city where citizens and guests live in dignity. By means of proper utilization of human and material resources as well as commitment to the principles of equity, impartiality, and transparency, the municipality seeks to achieve viable and sustainable development in the city in partnership with civil society.


    C. Core values

    • Leadership: Inspirational leadership that adopts the model of conciliation between national goals and results, communication, and internal and external coordination.
    • Human Resources Development: Loyal and faithful employees who believe in the concept of public service are our actual wealth.
    • Customer Satisfaction: The driving force that motivates the municipality to upgrade and develop its services.
    • Performance: The municipality seeks to accomplish the required tasks efficiently and accurately.
    • Transparency: Justice, transparency, accountability, and trust are some of the main values of the municipality.
    • Transformation: The municipality believes in change, development, and continuous striving for improvement.
    • Integration: Municipality employees work together as one team. They cooperate and exchange ideas and views.
    • Creativity: The municipality reinforces and rewards creativity. It encourages learning and sharing of knowledge.
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