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    Vehicle Inspection Station

    In 1975, the Hebron Municipality office created the first vehicle inspection station to check vehicles in south Palestine. This was to ease the hardship of citizens who had to travel to Ramallah to examine their vehicles before the station was created.

    During the last three decades, the station has passed through several stages where the Hebron Municipality office supplied it with the equipment needed for the screening process of scanners of brakes, front body, scanners of exhaust gases, the measuring devices and scanners of front lights. It has employed qualified staff and examiners who are experts in vehicle inspection. Most of the attention is focused on the public safety of the vehicle and to check the vehicle accurately based on scientific grounds to preserve the lives of citizens. Also, the staff and examiners are trained in knowing how to extend the life of the vehicle, reduce traffic accidents and to maintain the cleanliness of the car so gas pollutants are not emitted into the air in Hebron.
    The most important services provided by the station:
    1- To check the validity of the vehicle.
    2- To note the road after the violation or accident.
    3- To restart examination of old vehicles.
    4- To provide winter vehicle checks from January 3rd until March 31st.
    5- To make sure printing plates (license plates) are up to date.
    Since the inception of the station till the present day, it has made more than 500,000 checks. Only during 2011, it examined 24,272 vehicles and printed 3,269 licenses. The vehicle inspection station is always trying to keep up with the latest developments and modern techniques by utilizing the computerized world of test cars.

    They strive for excellence through application of the European excellence system (EFQM). The vehicle inspection station has become the most reputed electronic service in the Hebron province because it directs its attention towards both people's personal and vehicle safety.

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