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    International Relations

    The Hebron Municipality office welcomes new relations with both foreign and Arab partners alike. We hope to expand our cooperation and presence in all international cities. Additionally, we seek to build relations of friendship and collaboration with Arab and international partners for the benefit of all citizens and to promote cultural exchange and knowledge.

    Hebron Municipality wishes to situate the city of Hebron on the international map. It is important from the political and social dimensions. We hope that through official visits of foreign delegations and our attendance in international conferences, we will be able to highlight the reality of Hebron and its people. Many of our citizens, especially those that are living in the old city, are suffering due to the occupation. The Municipality Office is interested in building partnerships to find financial support for implementing development projects in Hebron.

    Our present collaboration with international cities are:

    1.Saint Pierre des Corps , France

    2. Pisa, Italy

    3. Belford, France

    4. Cordoba, Spain

    5. Fez, Morocco

    6. Casablanca, Morocco

    7. Medina, Saudi Arabia

    8. Genoa, Italy

    9. Arcueil, France



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