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    The Department of Finance is one of the key departments in the Hebron Municipality office because it has the task of managing the financial resources available and is responsible for the optimal utilization of funds based on the policies, instructions and regulations issued by the sponsors and competent authorities. Through their impressive accounting system, they provide financial reports, communicate with different donors and decision makers and are responsible for the safety, follow-up transactions and procedures for financial affairs.

    The objectives of the Department of Finance include:

    1- The implementation of adopted financial policies.

    2- To record accounting transactions and create various financial reports.

    3- To prepare the estimated budget for the Municipality and the annual allocation in cooperation with the directors of the various departments in the Municipality.

    4- To oversee the use of funds (purchases, assets, investments, etc.) and policy-making procedures.

    5- To supervise the movement of cash and bank accounts and to ensure the proper function of work in accordance with the procedures specified.

    6- To oversee all business collection, collection of water charges, taxes, and etc.

    7- To study and provide financial analysis for the preparation of various Municipality projects.

    8- To coordinate with other departments in order to contribute to the development and performance of the Municipality.

    9- To act as the custodian of the assets and property of the Municipality.

    10- To follow-up with the foreign officials and private individuals regarding the financial aspects of the Municipality.

    11- Preparation of periodic reports and other periodic materials regarding the financial performance of the Municipality.

    12- To create the annual preparation of the final accounts of the Municipality.

    13- To propose the necessary adjustments, financial accounting and cash in line with the requirements and developments of projects.

    14- To translate the plans, strategies and objectives adopted by the Municipality council that the Department of Finance plans to allocate towards medium-and short-term financial preparation for project implementation.

    15- To review contracts and all other obligations before its conclusion with others to determine the financial impact on the Municipality.

    16- To manage loans and donations from various parties, arrange payments and organize and record all financial transactions related to loans and grants for specific projects.



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