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    Department of Public Services


    The Department of Public Services at the Hebron Municipality office is one of the main sections of the Hebron Municipality given that its primary goal is to satisfy the public and their needs. The department works alongside other departments and sections of the Municipality which are seeking the same goal of providing citizens' satisfaction. In order to achieve a desired goal system, the department's objectives are designed accordingly:

    1- To further improve the adopted electronic workflow system (Workflow) to take into account the speed of implementation of the various public demands. The system provides a high degree of control over the performance which utilizes output results in the continued development of the system.

    2- To attract quality staff from municipal departments to implement customer satisfaction goals.

    3- To develop an effective complaints system which forwards complaints to the relevant departments.

    The tasks of the department can be summarized into the following:

    1- Receipt and flow management of applications of all kinds until the implementation of the service requested. It starts from the verification of receipt of the request with the required documents and after the work is completed, the end of the delivery of the service presented in its final written form (OSS).

    2- Management of fees and taxes which include tax knowledge, waste fees and taxes from banners, crafts and industries. The process includes registration and updating of data assigned to fees and taxes and to modify, handle objections and to collect them.

    3- Administration of the complaints system through a follow-up process and to organize coordination between different departments in order to allow the complainant by the solution to their complaint.

    4- To collect all kinds of checks and service charges provided to taxpayers. It is important that the responsible department in the Municipality settles all receivable accumulated charges for their services and they provide the best amenities to the citizens of Hebron.


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