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    The Fire Department |
    The Fire Department
    The Fire Department at the Hebron Municipality office is one of the most vital sections of the Municipality. It provides services to the public in the entire province. Hence the Fire Department is of great importance in the community, as it is in all countries of the world.
    Due to its importance, the Municipality council has developed an idea to create requirements for the new stages and development that are reflected on the performance of individuals who work in the department. This idea prompted the Municipality council to:
    1- Increase the number of fire engines from two to five fire trucks.
    2- In addition to main fire department building, the Municipality council has opened another center as a sub-branch in the southern region and employed the necessary personnel, vehicles and equipment for fast delivery at work. Due to the special situation and the geographical division that are created by the Occupation, such measures had to be taken.
    3- The purchase of rescue equipments especially for enhancing the emergency situation and dealing with horrendous traffic accidents within the province and any other rescue operations.
    4- Start awareness campaigns and counseling in fire situations, evacuation and industrial security and public safety. These sessions are carried out by the specialized personnel from the Fire department who provide courses and lectures for students in universities, colleges and schools.
    5-The department issues bulletins and brochures about fire emergencies and evacuation and dealing with special cases. They provide this fire safety information in events by using visual media, reading and audible materials.


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