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    Department of Architecture

    The Department of Architecture at the Hebron Municipality office is entrusted with the implementation of building projects. They are responsible from the beginning stage of research, preparation of documents and charts, design, and to oversee the implementation of all valuable building ideas. Afterwards, they follow up with these projects after the post-operation phase. The projects are all public buildings and facilities of the cultural buildings, sports or social, which is supervised by the Municipality. The Department of Architecture oversees the implementation and construction of schools and follows up on all the related construction work. These projects aim to develop the infrastructure of the Municipality and the city of Hebron in general.

    The department contains a bright group of engineers and technicians in various disciplines. They were successful in implementing some of the largest projects in Hebron such as the Hussein Bin Ali Stadium as well as the gym in the Closed Sports Hall, parking lot for the Central Bus Station, the Korean Center and many other diverse projects.
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