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    Department of Public Relations |
    Department of Public Relations

    The Department of Public Relations at the Hebron Municipality office is the initial representation and introduction to the Municipality and the city of Hebron. It works with both publicity and administrative work.

    As a result of the recent developments in society, the Public Relations department has become one of the most important elements in the development and growth of the Municipality. The department connects people to the activities of the Municipality on the local, national and international levels.

    One of the most important features that characterizes the Hebron Municipality is having the outstanding support of the Public Relations department which wholeheartedly works to implement the objectives and the vision of the Municipality. The Public Relations department is the first interface for any collaborations with the Municipality office. In effect, the department is responsible for networking with institutions, engaging the local community and communicating the message of the Municipality works, activities, achievements and future vision to the public. It always sought to reach the top through active participation in development and keeping pace with the changes that are happening in the current environment.

    It is important to understand that the Public Relations department exhibits a clear image of the important services and work completed by the Municipality. The department always seeks to reach its ambition for what is appropriate, proper and successful and to provide the greatest services to the Hebron community and all its citizens.


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