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    UN Coordinator Gets a View of Hebron Municipality Projects |
    UN Coordinator Gets a View of Hebron Municipality Projects

     Mayor of Hebron, Dr. Daoud Zatari briefed Mr. Robert Piper, Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid and Development Activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory UNSCO,  about political and security conditions in the city, daily Palestinian suffering due to Israeli occupation and settler practices, closuring down of many vital streets, particularly, AlShuhada'  Street, the busiest market street in the city,   the city division into two parts H1 and H2, as well as attempts to displace the local population and to increase settlement activity.  

    During the meeting, Mayor Zatari spoke about the role played by various European institutions in supporting Palestinians, defending their rights and confronting Israeli settlement policies aimed at preventing the creation of a Palestinian State and the two-state solution.
    Dr. Zatari also raised the issue of the peace process and how the Palestinian leadership, chaired by President Abbas, is seeking a just and comprehensive peace and is trying to end occupation through negotiations and the peace process. He then called the EU and all relevant parties to exert pressure on the Israeli Occupation to comply with international treaties and laws that calls for freedom of worship and movement.
    Thereafter, Dr. Zatari added that the Israeli Occupation exacerbates economic conditions and prevents Hebron Municipality from implementing development projects and promoting investment. Moreover, he  called to support the Municipal Strategic Plan that aimed at curbing unemployment and improving the local infrastructure, including the development of Industrial Zones and IT projects.
    On the other part, Mr. Piper said that his visit was to get a view of Hebron City, and to discuss opportunities of providing support to the development projects of Hebron Municipality. He also underlined that the UN system is committing to upgrading engagement with the Hebron Municipality to enable it covering the needs of Hebron citizens and improving their living conditions. 
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