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    Hebron Municipality and GIZ Discuss Cooperation Opportunities |
    Hebron Municipality and GIZ Discuss Cooperation Opportunities

    The Mayor of Hebron, Dr. Daoud Zatari, met with Mr. Hans Fruehauf, the Head of Local Governance Reform  Program, to discuss the opportunities of promoting mutual cooperation.

    After welcoming the guests, Dr. Zatari gave a brief speech about the city of Hebron, and put lights on the Israeli Occupation and Settlers attempts to  obstruct the municipal employees work in  implementing  development projects particularly in the southern area of the city.

    Dr. Zatari referred to the deep ties between Hebron Municipality and the GIZ, and called them to increase Hebron City's share of support in different sectors particularly in the sector of Information Technology (IT) which will ensure the development of the city, and will curb the unemployment ratio, in addition to create job opportunities for the new graduates . He also spoke about the twinning relation  between Hebron and cities in Germany specially with the City of Manheim.

    Thereafter, Mr. Fruehauf expressed happiness for his visit to Hebron , and spoke about the projects supported by the GIZ in Palestinian cities. He then underlined the continuity of support to the city of Hebron and its Municipality.


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