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    Dr. Zatari Meets with a Chinese High Level Delegation |
    Dr. Zatari Meets with a Chinese High Level Delegation

    The Mayor of Hebron, Dr. Daoud Zatari, met with a Chinese high level delegation chaired by Ms. Jin Yung , Councilor at the Office of the people's Republic of China to the State of Palestine, as well as Mr. Zhang Rong, Secretary General at the Chinese-Arab Friendship Association, to get a first-hand view of Hebron situation on the ground, and to discuss opportunities of future mutual cooperation.

    The Mayor welcomed the delegation, and touched on the deep Palestinian-Chinese ties, particularly in the commercial sector. He put lights on the suffering of Hebron citizens as a result of the extreme use of forces by the Israeli Settlers and Occupation, and of the continuous closuring of Al-Shuhada street. He then recalled that today marks the 23rd commemoration of the Ibrahim Mosque Massacre in Hebron  where an Israeli army doctor opened fire inside the Mosque, killing 29 worshippers in the middle of the Holy month of Ramadan.

    Moreover, Dr. Zatari stressed on the importance of the Renewable Energy Project that will serve the city of Hebron, and called the Chinese to provide support in other projects that will benefit the public.

    On the other side, Mr. Rong Underlined the positive stance of China Government and People, and promised to promote ties and bring vital projects to the city of Hebron.


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