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    Dr. Zatari Brief German Bundestag About Hebron Suffering |
    Dr. Zatari Brief German Bundestag About Hebron Suffering

    The Mayor of Hebron, Dr. Daoud Zatari, was invited by the Committee on the Economic Cooperation and Development at the German Bundestag to take part in the parliamentary session  which is organized in Berlin to discuss  issues related to water as a basis for development and the water supply in the Palestinian areas.    

    During the meeting with Mrs. Dogmar G. Wohrl, the Chairman of the Committee, and with the Committee staff , the Mayor Zatari was also given a chance to brief them about political and security conditions in the city, daily Palestinian suffering due to Israeli occupation and settler practices as well as attempts to displace the local population and to increase settlement activity. He also touched on violations against Old City inhabitants which go against all international treaties and laws that call for the freedom of movement and worship. Dr. Zatari also raised the issue of the peace process and how the Palestinian leadership, chaired by President Abbas, is seeking a just and comprehensive peace and is trying to end occupation through negotiations and the peace process.

    During the event, Dr. Zatari called the German Bundestag to support Palestinians, defending their rights and confronting Israeli settlement policies that aimed at preventing the creation of a Palestinian State and the two-state solution , and underlined the need for a fair and just peace and the creation of a fully sovereign Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital.

    On the sidelines of visiting Berlin, the Mayor moved to Mannheim and met with the Mayor Peter Kurz, where they discussed the possibilities of promoting the twinning agreement between Hebron and Mannheim. Then, two other meetings were arranged  with MVV Energy Company (one of Germany's leading energy suppliers) as well as German Development Bank (KFW) with a view to discuss opportunities of mutual cooperation.   


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