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    A Declaration of Hebron Municipality |
    A Declaration of Hebron Municipality

    On Friday, 7 July, UNESCO declares Hebron's Old City and the Ibrahimi Mosque as heritage sites,  and asserts that the two places will be registered as such in UNESCO's World Heritage List as it reflects the human and cultural heritage that dates back to thousands of years BC, and will be also recognized as being in danger.

    We are in Hebron Municipality congratulates Palestine and in particular Hebron City for such a great achievement which came out to light after exerted efforts and cooperation between Hebron Municipality  and Palestinian institutions, and we assures our commitment towards the political and diplomatic approaches of President Mahmoud Abbas in supporting the Palestinian Heritage site at the UNESCO. we also praised the role played by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tourism and Antique, and Hebron Rehabilitation Committee in supporting the inscription of Hebron's Old City and Ibrahimi Mosque on WHL.

    The presence of Hebron Mayor, Mr. Taryseer Abu Sneineh and Mr. Imad Hamdan, the Director of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee in the UNESCO's Conference that held in Krakow, Poland is a further evident on the deep cooperation between the city's institutions with a view to achieve the national benefit.

    We are in Hebron Municipality asserting the following clauses:

    1.  We praised the positive stance of the Countries who voted in favor of the Palestinian request to name Hebron as a heritage site.

    2. We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who contributed in the accomplishment of the project like former municipal councils, the municipal officers and employees, international and local institutions, and a special thanks for the municipalities of Arcueil and Belfort.

    3. The ruling that puts Hebron on UNESCO's World Heritag list,  is an affirmation on the cultural Heritage of the Old City, and put Hebron on " in danger list" is also designed to alert the international community to endangered sites. Hence,  we required the UNESCO to annually evaluate the situation and provide protection to the Palestinians  in the old city, where few hundred Jewish settlers live under a heavy Israeli military protection.

    4.  It has become clear to the Israeli Occupation that it must bow to the international treaties and laws, and recognize the rights of the Palestinian people and stop all kind of violations that have been perpetrated against them.

    5. we are in Hebron Municipality promising Hebron's inhabitants to protect and save the city and its cultural heritage.

    Ultimately, we are proud of the citizens of Hebron who proved that they are ready to support any project that meets the national interest.



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